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K.M. Davies 2020 Harvest Letter

To Our Valued Customers,

Apple harvest has collided with the pandemic.  We must all make conscience efforts to keep everyone healthy and safe while handling the crop. 

As always transfer harvested apples quickly to storage for best results. 

May we all have a prosperous harvest.

Quality Control Receiving Hours

Please check the blog on our website at https://www.kmdavies.com/blog for the current operating hours, as hours are subject to change.

Procedures for Fall 2020

Due to COVID-19 we ask all drivers to please remain in their trucks once they reach the inspection station.

Fresh Fruit

            Apples:  All fresh fruit apples must go through inspection at the QC shed.  Please enter the QC shed through our north entrance.


            All Mott’s paperwork will be collected by a K.M. Davies representative in the middle driveway. 

2nd Contract Apples

            All 2nd contract apples must go through inspection at the QC shed.

Juice Apples

NO scaling is required.   Please come to the window at the main office for your tickets and paperwork.  All bins must be full and in good condition.  Any questions about juice should be addressed to Doug Ricketts 585-233-5660 or Rich Leous 315-877-2944  .


ALL trucks must scale:  To verify your scale card we need to update your tare weight. This will be done with a 3 / 4 tank of fuel. If a new card is needed please contact the office.

Drivers must stay in the truck on the scale.  Stop on the scale and press the call button on the scale reader to notify us you are on the scale.  We will verify through an intercom once we have your weight.  Your scale ticket will print out on the scale kiosk for you.  Please take your scale ticket from the scale, proceed to the QC shed and go through inspection.  Scale traffic is ONE WAY only, east to west, from the highway in.

Information Drivers Need to Know

To speed up the inspection process, please make sure all drivers delivering fruit into the facility have completed answers to the questions listed on the Driver Information Sheet (included as an attachment in this email).  Copies will also be available at the QC shed.         

-Make sure your driver knows if the fruit has been treated with Retain, Harvista or NAA.

-Keep blocks and bin types together on the truck to increase the efficiency of tagging, unloading and stacking in the storage rooms.

-No strapping or un-strapping in any loading or unloading areas.

-To ensure the safety of everyone, drivers must watch for forklift traffic and drive slowly.  Passengers, children and pets must remain in the vehicle.  Driver should remain in their vehicles unless strapping or unstrapping.

Bin Requirements

Unsafe bins jeopardize the safety of anyone handling the bins, and impact the quality of your fruit.  All bins entering the facility should be repaired and in good condition.  K.M. Davies will not be responsible for any fruit spilled or damaged due to poor bin quality.

All bins entering the facility should meet the following requirements:

            -Be repaired and in good condition.

            -Be stenciled with the current owner’s name.

            -Be visually inspected for rodent or bird contamination.

            -Be free from dirt, rocks or debris.

            -No West Coast one way plywood bins will be accepted.

Any bin deemed unsafe by a forklift operator will be left on the truck.

Rodent Control

The use of pellet type bait and/or ANY poisonous bait is forbidden.  Please make sure you are using food safe pest control products!

All rodent populations should be controlled with the use of glue boards or food-safe traps.

Contracts and Forms

 The following forms should be completed and returned.

Storage Security and Sanitation Agreement & Contact Information Form

            -Please update Contact form if any contact information has changed.

Produce Marketing Agreement  (2 sided)

            -Please complete and return only if you will be bringing any fruit in “For Sale”.

            -No fruit will be sold by K.M. Davies without a signed 2020 contract on file.

-Please remember that K.M. Davies cannot insure the sale of your apples.  Although we will do our best to sell the apples, we recommend that you take part in  marketing your apples as well.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.  We look forward to serving the industry another season.  May all have a safe and successful harvest. 

Sincerely Yours,

Jim Verbridge

K.M. Davies Co., Inc.

6509 Lake Avenue

Williamson, NY  14589

315-589-4811 phone


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